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Conphection is more than a clothing brand, it’s a way of life! It encourages traveling and living through experiences that can be shared with one another.

Our products are made in limited editions, with great quality and attention to detail that make our clients stand out from the rest. In times of disposable fast fashion and lack of uniqueness, there’s a need for a brand that focuses on the individuality of each customer.

Conphection Swim Shorts are made of 100% Italian Polyamide Quick Drying Fabric and the original design prints are limited to only 90 swim shorts per model. It has an elastic waistband that won’t wear off, high quality waxed cotton drawstring, back pocket with YKK zipper (the best in the market) and hypoallergenic inside lining mesh that won’t itch after hours of wearing. These shorts have the classic fit, not too short or too long, just right in the sweet spot! We pay special attention into all the details and we are willing to spend way more on high end components and super high quality, as well as fair paid labor force. Conphection it’s proudly made in Mexico with love and dedication!

Give some character to your wardrobe with Conphection Handcrafted Originals!



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